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God I love that word...

You guys remember that tricycle thing that I uploaded a while back?
Well, I put a collage and watercolor paint underneath the acetate sheet, and my art teacher thinks that it's good enough to be one of like 8-10 pieces that he submits to an art contest thing. :la:
I'll upload the finished piece when I get it back from him.

Also... Holy crap, I joined a Minecraft group on here and posted the skins that I made, and all of a sudden I had tons of activity messages in my inbox. XD
So, it would appear that I will be making not only more regular skins, but also more of the camo suits due to their popularity.

That will be all.

Wait, one more thing. Near the journal submit button, there's a checkbox that says "O hai there!"
What. The. Heck. Does. It. Do?
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Submitted on
December 13, 2011